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Xen tan spray tanning

With about a month left of summer, there is still plenty of time to show off your tan, and keep it topped up with a spray tan.

At Second Skin Therapy, we use award winning Xen tan, which has flattering olive undertones to it, meaning that you will never have that "orange" look, and you'll just retain a lovely, healthy looking, golden tan.

Before your tanning session, it's good practice to make sure that you've got all of your hair removal out of the way, ideally 48hrs before treatment. You don't want to do it just before, as your tan will settle in those open follicles, and potentially irritate them (nobody wants that), and removing your hair after your tanning session will only remove tan along with it. It's also good to exfoliate the night before, to prepare a smooth surface for your tan to sit on. The smoother your skin is, the longer that tan will last.

On the day of your tan, there's no need to apply any moisturiser, as it will affect the development of your tan. Instead, leave it to us to put a little barrier cream onto the drier areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Tan likes to cling to drier skin, so this step will prevent patchiness.

Tanned skin needs moisture to stay looking it's best, so remember to moisturise daily, ideally just after a shower, to prolong your tan. Once it starts to fade, it's time to reach for the exfoliator again; a gentle scrub every few days is a great way to help your tan fade away evenly, in preparation for the next tan.

Enjoy the last of the summer!

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